New Småland is an inter-regional and international contemporary art project. It was initiated and is driven by a curatorial group, four art institutions, three regions and a university.


New Småland is an attempt to formulate long-term relationships, encourage experimentation and create conditions for critical and cultural sustainability. This idea is based on the view that all art institutions and actors in the three regions, irrelevant of economic or institutional conditions are equally important resources and nodes of knowledge in a common investigation of local and regional issues. By moving horizontally between the regional actors and combining local knowledge with international contemporary art and critical thinking, New Småland hopes to investigate and re-access the political, social and aesthetic landscape of Småland.


New Småland is organised and funded by Kalmar Art Museum, Kulturparken Småland, Vandalorum and Växjö Konsthall together with The Region of Jönköping County, Region Kronoberg and Regional Council of Kalmar County and Linnæus University with support from The Swedish Arts Council.





New Smålands working group


Elna Svenle, Johanna Berg, Karl Dunér



Anneli Berglund, Bettina Pehrsson, Sara Hemmingsson

Kalmar Konstmuseum


Helen Hägglund

Region Kronoberg


Christina Dalhgren

Linnæus University


Nicolas Hansson, Petter Eriksson

Kulturparken Småland


Filippa de Vos, Ragnhild Lekberg

Växjö konsthall


Maja Heuer

The Glass Factory


Joanna Sandell

Svarta Silon


Mike Bode

Region Jönköpings County

Artist, Project manager and Artisitic director


Jonatan Habib Engqvist

Curator, Project manager and Artisitic director




Nya Smålands steer group


Jörgen Lindvall, Region Jönköpings County

Jessica Linde, Region Kronoberg

Maria Agestam, Region Kalmar county














The project is made possible by Region Jönköping County, Region Kronoberg,

Region Kalmar County and The Swedish Arts Council.